Friday, February 24, 2012


Is life about competing or is life about sharing.
Some say : We compete in order to be able to share.
Competition is healthy if it is done in good spirit and within set rules acceptable to all concerned. If competition is like a game, then the playing field must be level.

If competition is run like a rat race, then one must expect that someone is going to get hurt and sometimes get hurt real bad to the extent that it can ruin everything else around that person concerned. Life is not a "Rat Race". I am sure many of us do not compete in a rat race because in the end "only the RATS win". We are not Rats, are we? though rats have special function as they are not created in vain.

We can compete within the bounds of accepted rules and regulations, the Syariah and the common laws. The former over rides the latter when there is conflict of interest. In fact competition to do righteous deeds is very highly encouraged in Islam. Competition can create a positive atmosphere and promote goodwill among those involved.

So we learn to compete from young. School sports provide the avenue to learn to compete in a healthy manner. Last Saturday, my husband and I attended the Adni School Sports Carnival to cheer up Huzaifah who was there with his parents. I went just so I could see the difference in the manner the events were being handled. All students in primary one to three participated. Those who can, run. Those who cannot took part in telly-match.

Interesting indeed!. English was widely used. And team events was more predominant. Pride in participation must have been the main reason. Win or lose is no big deal. Its the sporting spirit that counts. But to day Sports have been marred with bad practices such as doping and corruptions because prestige and rewards has become the main objective.

But sports and games in schools must go on. It inculcates positive culture like team work, risk taking ability, leadership quality and learning to loose and win like a gentleman, to name some.

So we noticed that Huzaifah was very excited . His team did not win the event for the group, but it was Fun all the same. Below are some photos I recorded for the family album.

Getting ready for the event.
Full concentration?  Walking like a duck.

Oops...He dropped the ball

Picked it up and raced on

 But the team lost. So he learned how to lose, we hope so. Grand Pa (Tok Ayah) watched but did no cheering. The only senior citizen around. But he stayed on  patiently so he could  tell our sons which school to choose for their children when the time comes.

There were events for parents as well, teaming up with their kids. I had left for home and did not watch the event. Huzaifah and his Ayah won an event  and he was happy receiving a prize.

I took the opportunity to pose a picture with Huzaifah for him to remember by.

UHUD House was third in the final  standing.
Alhamdulilah. It was a day to reckon with when we talk about the concept of TARBIAH
and not just Teaching and Learning and the concept of MUROBBI and not just a teacher.
May Allah be pleased with our effort to make Islamic education a real difference.



Makbonda Hasimah Hj Zailani said...

Assalamualaikum Puan.

Untung Huzaifah,masih punya Tok Ayah dan Embah yang masih mampu sapport dia.

Kecil-kecil semamangnya di didik untuk pertandingan yang sehat,tapi dalam proses membesar terlalu banyak cangkuk yang mengganggunya. Sehingga ramai yang terjebak, membujur lalu melintang patah.

Semoga Huzaifah selamat dari gangguan-gangguan tersebut berkat dari doa dan asuhan dari Tok Ayah dan Embahnya.

ngasobahseliman said...

Salam Makbonda. Alhamdulilah sikit-sikit masih dapat tolong anak cucu. Sebenarnya syok-sendiri. Dapat mecergaskan diri setiap hari dengan kehendak Allah. Tapi ada juga hari-hari yang tak berapa menjadi. Semoga menjadi ingatan dunia makin tua dan diri apatah lagi. Doakan saya sihat-sihat dan dapat terus menyumbang sesuatu ke jalan Allah. TQ

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