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"THE TRUTH".....goes beyond borders.


The Quran said:(Chapter 5, Al Maidah;  part of verse 3)

"........This day have I perfected your religion for you; and have bestowed upon you the full measure of my blessings, and has chosen for you Islam as your religion....."

We have embraced Islam and many more, I believe with the grace of God Allah almighty, will follow suit. May peace reign throughout this world.

How do we spread peace throughout mankind. Allah almighty has sent down His very first divine message through his angel Jibril as follows:





"Read, in the name of thy Sustainer who created;
Created man out of germ-cell!
Read -  for thy Sustainer is the Most Bountiful one;
Who has taught man the use of a pen;
Taught man what he did not know."
             (Chapter 96, Al Halaq, verse 1-5).

In the book 'The message of the Quran' by Muhammad Assad, he explained the use of the word "pen" as follows:
The Pen is used here as a symbol for the art of writing or more specifically, for all knowledge recorded by means of writing: and this explains the symbolic summons "READ" at the beginning of  verses 1-3. Man's unique ability to transmit, by means of written records, his thoughts, experiences and insights from individual to individual, from generation to generation, and from one cultural environment to another endows all human knowledge with a cumulative character; and since, thanks to this God given ability, every human being partakes , in one way or another, in mankind's continuous accumulation of knowledge, man is spoken of as "being taught by God"  things which the single individual does not - and indeed, cannot-know by himself. (This double stress on man's utter dependence on God, who creates him as a biological entity and implants in him the will and the ability to acquire knowledge , receives its final accent, as it were, in the next three verses.)  Further more, God "teaching" man signifies also the act of His revealing, through the prophets, spiritual truths and moral standards which cannot be unequivocally established through human experience and reasoning alone: and, thus, it circumscribes the phenomenon of divine revelation as such.

Therefore this entry to my blog takes the title  "THE TRUTH GOES BEYOND BORDERS" and that Islam goes beyond the boundary of human  race, colour and creed. This can only be made possible with EDUCATION, formal and non formal, based on the Quran and the traditions of the Prophet Muhammad saw. None other than this can achieve that universal peace and harmony we all longed for in the world today.

This is my belief and conviction. And so over the week end (two weeks ago) I joined my friends who are  in the business of Education to listen and find answers as to what  and how we can do to achieve the goals in education as a prerequisite to develop this world. We had an informal discussion moderated by an expert in the field, who has helped many group of aspiring individuals to set up schools as ordained by Allah through the teachings of the Prophet saw.

The core objective of education is to build  human character within the bounds of TAUHID as prescribed in the Quran Chapter 31, Al Luqman,   verse 2-13  as follows:








"These are of the divine writ, full of wisdom; Providing guidance and grace unto the doers of good; Who are constant in prayer and dispense charity; for  it is they, they who in their innermost are certain of their life to come
It is they who follow the guidance from their Sustainer; and it is they, they who shall attain to a happy state.
But among men there is many a one that prefers a mere play with words, so as to lead without knowledge astray from the path of God, and to turn it to ridicule: for such there is shameful suffering in store.
For, whenever our messages are conveyed to such a one, he turns away in his arrogance as though he had not heard them - as though there were deafness in his ears: give him then, the tiding of of grievous suffering (in the life to come).
Verily, those who attain to faith and do righteous deeds, shall have gardens of bliss; and to abide therein in accordance with God's true promise: for He alone is almighty, truly wise.
He has created the skies without any support that you could see and has placed firm mountains upon the earth, lest it sway with you, and has caused all manner of living creatures to multiply there on.
And We send down water from the skies, and thus We cause every noble kind (of life) to grow on earth.
This is God's creation: show Me then what others than He may have created! But the evil doers are obviously lost in error!
And indeed, We granted this wisdom unto Luqman: Be grateful unto God- for he who is grateful is but grateful for the good of his own self; where as he who chooses to be ungrateful, verily, God is self-sufficient ever to be praised!
And lo, Luqman spoke thus unto his son, admonishing him; Oh my dear son! do not ascribe divine powers to aught beside God: for, behold, such (a false) ascribing of divinity is indeed an awesome wrong!"

In short the above verses (together with other verses in the Quran) is about total submission to God Allah almighty, He alone and none others. 

So over that week end this group I associate with talked about how we could marry the principle of universal education to that of ISLAMIC education, the former is subjected to the absolute  divine truth of the latter. Our leader is Brother Hasni, standing fifth from the left. He has set up an exemplary school on his own 15 years ago and now we call it ADNI ISLAMIC SCHOOL. He has helped others to set up similar schools in Malaysia and in some other countries who are members of The ORGANIZATION OF ISLAMIC  COUNTRIES (OIC).


Our Philosophy
Where Education is aimed at a
Balanced growth of personality,
Willingly and joyfully for the sake
of Allah swt.

Our Motto
Knowlede and Taqwa is
The Secret of Success.

Our Pledge.
Allah is our Lord
Prpphet Muhammad saw is
Our Example.
Al-Quran is our Constitution.
To Strive is our way.
And to Sacrifice in the path of Allah is our Aim.

Our Responsibility

My responsibility as a Muttaqin
I will InsyaAllah
Make Myself good,
Help others become good,
Make the World good and
Beautiful pleasing to Allah.

The statements  on Adni Islamic School above is beyond doubt an  earnest attempt in upholding the TRUTH, nothing but the TRUTH. This is my humble beginning in asking my friends to support our attempt at changing the education system for the world, yes....for the world, by the Grace of Allah  and His Will through love and care and international goodwill.

May Allah show us the way and I hope to share more of this from time to time, insyaAllah.


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