Wednesday, April 6, 2011

IT'S DURIAN TIME - to eat or not to eat

This is the lighter side of life, enjoying durian the way we used to........by the road side, as in our younger days. Recently on our way back from Sungai Batu Selama Kedah, we decided to take the old road from Taiping to Kuala Kangsar and reminisced  about the days we traveled the road when Ayah and Emak (my husband's parents)  were still around.We always stopped along the way to buy fruits or local delicacies. We missed them and we took the same road to "feel young" again and to feel vibrant again so that we would have the mental strength to finish some of the things we intend to do before the Final Curtain is drawn on us.

Early morning in Taiping just before breakfast.

We  had an early breakfast and before long we were already on our way enjoying the ride home. We didn't expect to see Durian stalls along  the Taiping road to Kuala Kangsar and my husband could not resist the temptation of  this "FORBIDDEN" fruits for diabetics. Ayah  was also a diabetic but he used to say: "Let me die eating than die not eating"  (biar mati makan jangan mati tak makan), a common saying for the people of Sungai Batu who love food. We knew he did not mean what he said for he too  loved durians. So, "why not" said my husband.

Now which one, and how many......

It's finger licking-good.......

I made sure one whole fruit is enough. In fact it's one too many. I reminded my dear hubby about the blood sugar level. He sheepishly smiled and  he stopped at one. But quietly he ordered five more and put them into the car before I could say no.
When it is durian, there is nothing I can do.............
May Allah have mercy on us. 


 Anyway, the durians " made"  driving easy and we arrived home safely, alhamdulilah. Allah's bounty is limitless and may He bless us all. Ameen.

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