Monday, December 17, 2012

One Malaysia, One Tauhidic Paradigm ?

My husband and I was in Kluang Johore over the weekend to meet up with relatives on the occasion of a wedding reception in Kahang Barat, a FELDA settlement famed for its development and prosperity of the settlers. Almost none of the houses was in its original structure and form.

It is Yantie's wedding, the granddaughter of my late eldest sister. It was a great fanfare but we took leave early to be home timely for dinner. Chance has it that my nephew took us to a place where he said it is good to drink hot coffee before we hit the highway- Kluang RailCoffee.

This place is indeed very crowded and therefore it must be a good place, simplistic thinking... Initially we could not find a table to sit the whole extended family of about 15 kids and adults. We waited a while and I was utterly exhausted before we found one.

We sat on two tables and people were rambling and chatting their hearts out. I just watched and conversed little with my elder sisters because the three of us can't hear each other well. Our poor hearing is further drowned by the loud chatter of young enthusiastic people on the other tables.We ordered Mee Curry and black coffee and I sat smiling and thinking to myself. This is indeed a Cafe where you see " One Malaysia in action ". Malaysians of Chinese, Indian and Malays were all there enjoying the moments like in  a family.

I watched each table and smiled to myself  making wild guesses on why they like the place. Maybe they find the food exotic and the place has an ambiance soothing to the soul.  As I watched  ideas flashed into my head. What if the people of Malaysia talk more about  similarities rather than  differences between the various races..... What if wannabe ministers search their souls before talking to the people or their constituencies......What if each one of us irrespective of race or creed see the good in others....What if each one of us is willing to look at oneself in the mirror and ask 'who is our Creator and Sustainer'......What if...and What if..and What if.......

If we earnestly and honestly try and find answers to all the 'What if's' in our lives, I believe we can be better Malaysians and in fact better human beings . Many of us live in emptiness and in confusion not understanding why we exist on this earth. Many believe wealth is happiness. Many also make believe that despite the ups and downs in life, life is bliss. They feel they are in control of everything. If only they knew......

We all owe this blissful life to God Allah almighty. It is the TRUTH even if one does not believe in it. Maybe one day soon some one will ring the bell, blow the whistle and tell all people that life does not exist in a vacuum. Maybe one day soon there will be divine intervention in ways that the ordinary mind cannot comprehend. Only then maybe we will all believe in God Allah almighty, our Creator and Sustainer and none others is worthy of our total submission.

Pardon me folks, this is only my wishful thinking amidst young Malaysians of all races in RailCoffe in Kluang.
Wouldn't it be beautiful if One Malaysia submit to One Tauhidic Paradigm. There is none others worthy of worship but God Allah, most gracious most merciful.

May HE show all of us  the Right Path,
The Path  whom HE has bestowed His Grace.......


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