Friday, January 18, 2013

That medicine is called 'Bicycle'....

My recent visit to the doctor was rather a unique experience. Initially I was scared stiff to learn what the doctor would do to me now that my sugar control was no control at all. From 7.2 for a three months average it went to 8.0 and counting. Dr Chee, a cardiologist, at the University of Malaya Medical Centre, understand his patient well. He had a big smile and calmed me down.

"Don't worry. I am only prescribing you with insulin. Now the instrument for injecting the insulin is better than before and anybody can do it with no problem."

What can I say. I could not refuse him anymore. I had tried for almost a year to improve my condition but failed. I could not bring my weight down either. I asked him if he could help me with some medication to get my fat out of my body. With a broad smile he said:

"The medicine is called 'bicycle'."

"What is it again, doctor? Did I hear you right or I don't understand English".

"Exercise lah puan," said his nurse standing beside me and helping Dr. Chee with my personal file. 

"Hee...hee," I laughed, though I felt rather embarrassed. 

"Ya....exercise is the only answer. Try hard to exercise frequently. I am a doctor but I have the same problem." Dr Chee said with a big smile but with his focus on my file.

Sometimes I feel that doctors in government hospitals has little time to be 'nice and informal'' to their patients. They are always busy. Dr Chee has his own way in making patients feel relax. 

"I don't have a bicycle, Dr. But my son was caring enough to buy for us this ski-like machine. My husband use it a lot but I have not tried it myself."

"Oh yes, I have the same machine," said Dr Chee after hearing my description of what the machine look like. (see picture).

"But make sure it doesn't become a clothes-hanger....an expensive one".

"You hang clothes on it?"  Sounds like my husband and we both laughed a little.

(But of course I laughed a little louder in my heart. Note all the clothes in the picture.)

Dr. Chee is conducting a study for the university and I am one of his volunteer patients. It has something to do with my heart i.e jantung. Other than diabetes I have other complications. Dr Chee is very pleasant and I never  regretted my decision to volunteer. Some friends said that I should not have allowed myself to be a guinea-pig. I think that is a selfish attitude. I feel good volunteering because I feel like I am in a team moving forward in the development of medical science. I taught myself to always think positive. I consider it a service to mankind. May Allah consider it a good deed and may He grant me with the opportunity forever more.

Bicycle or Tai-Chi or brisk walking or the like, is the recipe to keep fit, at whatever age. But a doctor's advice is necessary if we have a chronic problem. I am determined to keep to my scheduled exercise. May Allah help me through.

Alhamdulilah. All praises be to Allah, God almighty. May Allah grant me a healthy life for the rest of my life.

I went home with a smile. 
May Allah forgive our weaknesses and misgivings and may He bless us all.



Kerabu Jantung said...

Salam Sis,

Ameen , semoga Sis sentiasa sihat dan sejahtera.

Semoga penyakit yang ada sentiasa terkawal dan bertambah baik, InsyaAllah!

ngasobahseliman said...

Terima kasih atas ingatan dan doa. Baru balik dari kenduri dan seorang teman nasihat cuba jangan ikut sangat makan ubat Dr. tu. Cuba makan ubat alternatif....takut badan banyak sangat drug. Teman ini ada kencing manis tetapi dia kata dia tak mahu ambil ubat Dr. Dia ambil herbs dll. Gula dia pagi selalunya range from 10-13, lebih kurang. Tapi dia kata dia suspek sahaja dan tak akan makan ubat Dr. Dia tahu the right level is 4-6 depending on body.
When the Dr prescribed me ubat some 20 yrs ago, my reading was 7.5. I still remember until today. Jadi memang dah lama makan ubat Dr. What should I do? Salam sis.

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