Wednesday, January 12, 2011


Meeting up with friends from the Situwangi Boarding School in Garut yesterday afternoon  (Saturday) was indeed a joyous moment. Alhamdulilah. A dear friend invited me and hubby to a wedding reception of her nephew in Shah Alam, some 10 kilometers away from Petaling Jaya. The weather was just beautiful and the atmosphere was just exhilarating. We met up with friends from Jakarta and Bandung and Garut.  Who would have thought that  I would meet them all in one place. We thanked the host who has brought joy and excitement all round.

Everyone that matters to me seemed engrossed in connecting with each other. In all the excitement though, I managed to squeezed a minute or two to ask about the school project in Garut which I am part  of the team although my contribution was a meager piece of advise every now and then. Education (especially educating children)  has been my love and passion. But since my retirement from the public service my involvement has been  restricted mainly to the family circle.

My husband and I have little opportunity to discuss the development of the school with the founder member of the Situwangi Boarding School. But because we feel like a family, moving forward together, it does not dampened our spirit. May our commitment remain steadfast and and may success prevail by the Grace of Allah alMighty.

On that beautiful afternoon I "recorded"  the strong bond between us.

One for the album, we miss Hj Zaini and wife, and Ustaz Miftah and Ustaz Musa.

With one of the Founder member and sisters. We miss Ibu Hanifa.

Ustaz Afif and wife from Garut, always a smile on his face

The energetic Mario and wife, from Jakarta

The able-bodied men with Dato Safaruddin, the project coordinator. We miss Pak  Bambang.

Ustaz Muhibbuddin comforting his tired son, The Lead person on Campus we cannot do without.

My dear friend, Datin Noraini. The prime mover of the project.

My husband and I am looking forward to meeting each other again soon. May Allah show us the way forward and may Allah be pleased with our effort and grant us Jannah in the hereafter. Ameen.

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