Sunday, March 10, 2013

You pay bananas.....

When we have a serious problem, usually we confide in a friend. Hopefully we can come up with a solution.

"Do you wanna help me with my problem?" Recently  I asked a friend as we sat down over a cup of tea with scone and cekodok.
"At our age what problem do we have that we need a friend to help with?"

"Aa ...ha..big problem."
"My pre-school in Tangkak is not fully staffed. A teacher just resigned for reasons known to her only. But we suspect that she is looking for better pastures. As some people said: Money is not everything, but everything costs money. "

We have limited resources in starting this school. But a friend said : If we waited until everything is perfect before starting on a venture, then we will never get started. Perfection is a journey.

We started with 62 kids and we have six teachers whom we termed as "murobbi". They have good potentials and we hope to keep them forever or at least  long enough to get the school going fairly stable. But for the moment we are not able to pay them as well as they expect.

"Never mind, Sobah. Dont worry. Things will work out. Let me look around if I could get sponsors to help you."
We continued discussing other things of mutual interest until almost Maghrib time.

Then we parted. But this good friend of mine has a unique parting words. "If you pay peanuts you get monkeys. So pay bananas so you can get gorillas."

"Dont worry Sobah, I will work something out."

It was very comforting and we bid Salam.


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