Thursday, December 16, 2010

AT LAST ! Learning to capture beauty at large.

I had always wanted to be something else, I mean have a second career....in photographic journalism?. Ooops ! No, it was just a wild dream. How can I ever be and when will I ever be? But as the saying goes: "If you don't have a dream, how can you have a dream come true."

So recently when my daughter bought  for me  a Camera, I must admit that I was a little excited. It is a Nikkon KOOLPIX P100, (nothing exceptional, but it is better than my Nokia cell phone camera. Alhamdulilah).  And in my own way I am trying to realize a dream, a dream far too remote to achieve. But the power of dreams makes life exciting and fulfilling. So  here are some " fun"  pictures I took on my recent trip up North.

My husband at the wheel driving out of Petaling Jaya.

He insisted that Huzaifah (Ujai) must come along.

The first agenda, The Wedding of a relative.

The family reunion of sort.

Off to Penang after the wedding.Overlooking a cliff at Batu Feringhi.

The rocky beach at Batu Ferringhi

Another peaceful view.

Next agenda is to "balik kampung". Parked at the front of the original Kampung House of my husband's late grandparents.
It stood as a Family History.

The Kampung Road that led to the Historic Family house.

The wild  "kelempong" fruit up a tree some 5 meters high.
(practicing the zoom lens)

Another view of the fruits.

Some Wild flowers I do not know the names

And the rain interrupted my enthusiasm. But rain or shine, it is a blessing from Allah.

After the rain, an attempt at shooting moving objects.

Finally the journey home in late afternoon and towards "Maghrib' time.

Having done that, I keep reminding myself of what the alQuran says in Chapter 55, Surah Ar Rahman. I quote the following verses (1-13)  for us to ponder with seriousness and to commit in full submission to Allah, God alMighty.
   In the name of Allah most gracious most merciful,
  1. (Allah) most gracious,
  2. It is He who has taught the Quran
  3. He has created man;
  4. He has taught him speech (and intelligence)
  5. The sun and the moon follow courses (exactly) computed;
  6. And the herbs and the trees -- both (alike) bow in adoration
  7. And the Firmament has He raised high, and He has set up the Balance (of justice),
  8. In order that ye may not transgress (due) balance.
  9. So established weight with justice and fall not short In the balance.
  10. It is He who has spread out the Earth for (His) creatures
  11. Therein is fruits and date-palms, producing spathes (enclosing dates)
  12. Also corn, with (its) leaves and stalk for folder, and sweet smelling plants.
  13. Then which of the favors of your Lord will ye deny? 
If we read on we will stand in awe of the greatness of Allah, our Creator and Sustainer most Bountiful. Then which of the favors of our Lord shall we deny?


Kit Pryde said...

Salam Auntie,

Wah cantik!! I esp love the last picture.

Err. You take better pictures than ME auntie. Hahahahhaah.

Kerabu Jantung said...

Salam sis, I love that rain..remind me of my childhood days, suka mandi hujan!

ngasobahseliman said...

Salam Kit, I am glad you like my pictures. Quite an attempt at "managing technology" at this age.My daughter would say its the camera that makes it look good, not the person behind the camera. Wait till you people get to my age!

ngasobahseliman said...

Yes my dear sister. Reading your blog is like I have known you these years. I like the rain too. And I always remember my mother or my eldest sister cutting one good strand of banana leaf to use it as umbrella to school on rainy days. But coming home from school its fun to just play in the rain, just like you did. Who says people of yesteryears are not creative?

Kit Pryde said...

Salam auntie...

I like the banana leaf umbrella!! My arwah mak long (she'd be about 75 this year if she was still with us) used to do that for us to go beli barang kat kedai runcit. Hehehehe.

I rasa those of the yesteryears la LAGI creative - didn't have the things we used to when we were kids, much less what the children of this age (the grandchildren/great-grandchildren) have. So orang dulu2 menang handsdown. :)

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