Wednesday, December 15, 2010

UJAI- preparing him for pre-school

Ujai our eldest grand son is now 5 and we thought its time to learn to be away from parents once in a while to prepare him for pre-school next year. He is physically active and we feared that he is hyper active and refered him to specialist some 2 years ago. The doctor in Tokyo observed him and told the parents that he is only 'extra' active. So did the doctor in Putrajaya. Parents are always wary of their children's development and my daughter is no different.My husband and I took him to Kedah and Penang recently and he took us to our limit in vigor and alertness. Elders above 63 should never attempt to manage an active child. We were very tired but we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.

He is already messing-up my computers. He enjoys the interactive games within. But at his own home, the parents are more restrictive. We could not agree more.

He loves books, just like his mother. He doesn't read yet but enjoys looking at colorful photographs. We Du'a the habit stays.

He insists on a bubble bath whenever he can. He picked the habit from the TV program 
and not from the family.

Actually he is afraid of bubbles when he is in the swimming pool.

Ujai gets his energy from candies and sweets. He has to be coaxed with patience in order to make him eat. He is rather small-built for a child his age. But we hope soon he will build-up his appetite so he could grow up strong and healthy.

Grandpa 'Tok Ayah' trying to make him eat.

The rare times he can keep still is when he is engrossed in 'games' on the cell phone.

We enjoy the company of our grand children. Ujai gets a special attention only because he is eldest grandson in the family. But we are wary of the fact that they are but "decorations" in our life just as the alQuran says in Chapter18 Al Kahfi, Verse 46. It says:
"Wealth and children are an adornment of this world's life: but good deeds, the fruit whereof endures forever, are of far greater merit in thy Sustainer's sight, and a far better source of hope."
We will leave Ujai at this point and we du'a that he will grow up smarter and wiser than us. Above all he will be in the company of the righteous, (the Siddiqin, the Shuhada' and the Solihin). Ameen.


Kit Pryde said...

salam auntie.

alahai ujai. he is SOooo cute and very active.

nanti2 adik Sofiah turut ke sekolah ye huzaifah dear....

thanks for the pictures auntie.

A.Z. Haida said...


Mak ambil gambar pakai kamera baru ye?

ngasobahseliman said...

Dear Kit, Thanks for visiting. Huzaifah has always been our pride and joy. Alhamdulilah. May Allah bless us all.

ngasobahseliman said...

Yes Kak, its taken with the new camera you bought last week. I hope you like it. Thanks for taking the trouble to purchase it for me.

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