Tuesday, December 28, 2010


Introducing Uwais alQarni. He is my grandson from Azrul and Sarah. He is closed to 3 years old. Look at his wide cheery eyes. Who wouldn't want to lift him up to the sky. But he is rather 'shy'  and takes time to build his trust with people. So Azrul decided to take leave from work and came along with me and husband  over Christmas to Rompin, Endau, Mersing, Kota tinggi and finally Pontian, my home town where I was born and bred. This was our first trip together and the  long duration we were together made Uwais more relaxed and  he seems more friendly and  responds well to our touch and hug especially with the grandfather Tok Ayah.I am  pleased to show below  my snap shots ( and Azrul's)  of him and his sister, Balqis Raihana, (my only grand daughter for now).

Snap shot at a Masjid before Rompin after the Zohor/Asar Solat/prayer.

I havent got a picture of Uwais praying besides his mother, but it always touches my heart at seeing him so "discplined" attempting to be as perfect as possible. Sarah has the making of a fine mother. Alhamdulilah.

Getting Uwais to"brave" the waterfall

He is usually well-behaved at dining table......

.....but a child is always a child....
on to the dining table with sister Balqis.

This is Balqis Raihana, almost a year and a half
( isn't she sweet?)

....but at times "mischievous" too....
with parents at the sea side in Pontian
My son Azrul is always busy and going on a short holiday  to be with my traditional family in Pontian is a great experience for all of us. My sisters who are above 70 enjoy their company as well, alhamdulilah. We hope to visit as often as possible. They need to be reminded of their humble beginning so they will live this life in full awareness of the blessings of Allah, our Creator and Sustainer.

Uwais with my sister who is 76 years old

May Allah show us the true path, live in full commitment to Islam and may He grant us Mercy and make us  return to Him when He is most pleased with us. Ameen.


Kerabu Jantung said...

Salam, sis, you were in Rompin? That's my hometown! I wish I were there so I can invite you and your family to our family house which is somewhere near the hospital!

Did you see rumah- rumah burung all the way from Pekan to Rompin, and Mersing? ( atas pada Mersing I tak pergi jadi tak tahu ada ke tak )

ngasobahseliman said...

Salam kembali. Ya, nampak rumah-rumah burung itu. Lepas Mersing pun ada. Agak banyak juga. Ada setengahnya tu jauh sikit ke dalam. My nephew in Kota Tinggi has some knowledge of this burung.Jalan Kota Tinggi ke Johor Bahru pun ada. Katanya ia sangat sengit saingannya. Tak apelah. Kita tinjau-tinjau dulu. TQ.

azrul said...

Uwais dan astro oasisnya serta Aqish dengan suara besarnya (ikut Mbah)

ngasobahseliman said...

Embah bukan sembarang Embah
Embah keturunan dari Jawa
Uwais Aqish pasti tabah
Hidup berbakti pada semua

Embah keturunan dari Jawa
Susah payah tiada kepalang
Uwais Aqish senyum ketawa
Esuk besar berani berjuang

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