Tuesday, October 18, 2011


We took an extended 'TAKE FIVE" from our daily 'routine'  My husband and I went to University Utara Malaysia, Sintok  at the invitation of a dear friend who wanted me to be her bouncing board for a proposal to be presented to a committee on Strategic and Quality Management of Situwangi Boarding School, Garut. With great pleasure we went along and my husband happily agreed to do the driving.

The trip was both fruitful and enjoyable. My friend arranged to meet with some of her friends from the University and we exchanged ideas on how to start  the said program for a school that we helped to establish two years ago. We were  thankful to have found such strong support and understanding and they have agreed to go to Garut to help design a total Management program for the school.

One snap shot for the album.

After the serious session we went to Bukit Kayu Hitam. I think I was there some 15 years ago. We didn't shop other than Chocolates but revisiting the place was an awesome experience. All the way from Jitra to Bukit Kayu Hitam was a scene I almost could not recognize. Kedah is now prosperous.

Flowers at the Hotel Lobby

My first time ever to to go to Sintok was in mid 1975 when we went to explore the new site for the University. I was then in the Ministry of Education and was part of the team planning and implementing the project. The site is near the Thai border and the Communists were at large. We had to be escorted by the army. It was some experience and indeed a memorable one. When I saw the University today I could only gasped with excitement and ponder at its grandeur.

We took time off to eat out and our host introduced us to the local delicacies. We had a feast of Nasi Jagung, Beef Kurma, Sotong Sambal, Curry Kambing, Itek Masala and Dalca.

And as if that was not enough we drove  "500 miles" to Teluk Sepetang to savour another delicacy, Mee Udang at  Restoran Mak Jah. I would recommend it to those who love huge shrimps.

It was indeed a good "Take Five". I needed the break away. May Allah grace us with another opportunity like this one.



Temuk said...
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Temuk said...

Assalamualaikum Hjh

Beef kurma, sambal sotong, kari kambing & mee udang? Longlailah hati, walaupun ada masalah sendi!

Haven't tasted nasi jagung before. Must find that 'kedai selera' the next time 'berkunjung ke utara'. Haven't been to UUM for nearly 2 decades. We should salute UUM for becoming 'the university' in management education in our country and the Asian region.

ngasobahseliman said...

Salam Pak Temuk. Seronok ada orang sudi mamper. Saya kagum dengan perkembangan di UUM. Kawan yang kami temui di sana bukan saja ada kemahiran, tetapi mereka berjiwa pejuang menegakan kebenaran. Mereka rajin ke Cambodia membantu yang miskin dan dhaif dan setuju untuk bantu kami di Garut bina sistem pengurusan yang total. Pak temuk doa sama semoga Allah kurnia yang terbaik bagi mereka dan bagi kita.Amin.

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