Sunday, December 27, 2015

Small reunion @ Madinah Munawarah.....

Small reunion of my brother's family and my family........almost.

Erwan my brother's son and Amirul my son were not with us. But it was a reunion nevertheless. And it was almost like a coincidence because we never thought it could happen in Madinah Munawarah almost two weeks ago. We knew we were going for Umrah but never crossed my mind that the hotels we stayed in were just a block away. I saw my sister-in-law at a store and ran up to her with all the excitement. 

We met for dinner the following day at his hotel.  Of course it was just about an hour exchanging umrah stories, or perhaps an hour and a half. We wish we could have more time to catch on on lost time telling little nostalgic stories. But Madinah awaits us for special worship and so the rest of the stories will be continued when we get home. My Brother and my sister-in-law extended family was due in Makkah the following day and my husband and I was due home in three days. It was a moment of joy for me personally.

Both our children were very excited at the short meeting and took photos for the album. It is historical as far as our family is concerned. My daughter was missing in the picture. On the far right is Sarah, my daughter-in-law.

Frieda my niece bought great scarfs for me and my two sisters. Ayang, my other niece gave us 50 Saudi Rials each for ice creams. A great treat it was in Saudi. A dream comes true for me as I always treasure my get together with my dear brother. He was always on the run, so to say, when we were young and life in the Golden Era is precious for us and my other siblings. My sisters are 81 and 79 , My brother is 75 and I am 70 years on. 

Masjid An Nabawi is at the background.

From left Amin my son-in-law. Famez my nephew and Azrul my son.

What can be more precious. We forgive and forget the past and treasure every little blessed moments together. Alhamdulilah. All praises be to Allah alone.  May Allah bless us all and may our meet in the Holy Land be a witness for a strong family bondage my late parents had always prayed for. May our togetherness in Madinah, though brief it is, be a lasting treasure in our memory.

Salam to all family members, home and abroad.


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