Saturday, June 19, 2010


In Front of The US Embassy

Two days ago I opened my Facebook and this was on my wall. Immediately I remembered how my friends persuaded  me to represent our Non Governmental Organization (Pertubuhan Mawaddah Malaysia) to go up the stage in  a protest demonstration to fire up the crowds into demanding justice in front of the American Embassy. I did that almost with ease, alhamdulilah, for I  personally feel strongly that the raid made by the Israeli  army over the Flotilla Aid Mission  some two weeks ago was indeed an act of aggression and terrorism sponsored by the Israeli Regime. However, I am well aware that  this is not just a case of  venting anger and frustration. This is more than that. Demonstrations carry little effects if we do not have follow up actions.

Slogans put on banners, firery discourse  and the likes  excite the mind but the effects are almost instantaneously lost the minute  we get down to daily routines. Our convictions need reinforcements by way of actual practice of the principles we believe in. Otherwise what we hear and what we see are but rhetorics that we hear from time to time and its significance is lost in the daily mill and grill of life.

We want to help the the people of Palestine, we demonstrated  and called ourselves freedom fighters. We shouted out 'battle cries'   and we complained about the poor response from the government sector. We are told that in practicing good governance, Diplomacy must be given a chance. But it is a chance so remote that we are losing our patience. But losing patience and demonstrating anger on the street alone will not bring meaningful  and long lasting  results. The Palestine people have suffered for over 60 years and we watched helplessly.

Let us now put our acts together. No more rhetorics. Allah has promised that the Mukmin will be Masters of this World. Please refer to the alQuran Surah An Nur Verse 55. But that provision is not without its Terms and conditions. Let us all fullfil those terms and conditions and Victory will prevail. Muslims must unite, rich and poor, Arabs and non Arabs.
May Allah strengthen our Iman and Taqwa, and May Allah decree His help and Guide us all the way.

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