Thursday, May 15, 2014

The Clowns ....

clown juggling

clown waving

Clowns juggling with power that corrupts.

I am no ardent supporter of any political party, at least not yet. But with the presence of clowns in one, makes me wonder if there is any political party worth looking through. Or may be I should form one !?

Bad thinking says a friend. 

Look around and look closely. There could be more clowns in our so called state and federal  "Leadership", flip-flopping on 
values dear to the people. If what happened in Trengganu is an attempt in strengthening integrity and trust, my friend said it must be a big joke. 

I would agree. What happened in Trengganu  "makes me sick to my stomach". 

Case closed.

Allahu Akbar. May Allah forgive....


Photo credit to Google.


Al-Manar said...

This makes two of us sharing that feeling of disgust. I do not mind if they wish to be clowning but not at the expense of our people and the principles we hold dear to our heart. I mentioned Monsoon Cup and the expensive miniature mosques. It is not just cl....as you softly call it, but I would it cr...?

ngasobahseliman said...

I assume cr for Craziness? I have lost words to describe these individuals. May Allah help Malaysia.

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