Wednesday, September 30, 2009


My ardent followers, i.e my nephews and nieces, commented during the Eid get together that my blog is too serious. I smiled and for a moment I said nothing. I understand their feeling. They are young, mostly in their 30's. One or two may be in their early 40's. That's young to me because I'm well beyond 60. I like their comments as my mind reflect back to the days I was at their age or younger. I love the out door life and at early 30's I could still ride the bicycle. I did many things others of the same family background would not do, either it is too "unlady-like" or it is too risky. During my college days in the US I hitched hike my way to places without knowing its dangers, etc, etc. And back home I climb hills, did jungle tracking and "car racing". No, not really. I am a fast driver and in those days without the highways, you have to be a little daring and skillful to get to places in good time. But I also did some "silly things " to which I do not prefer to elaborate here. So life was a bag of mixed adventures. There are bitter sweet experiences and there are things that if I could turn back the time machine, I definitely will not repeat.

The "bitter" things made me wiser. I made an opposite turn in my life when I was in my early thirties after the death of my very dear sister. That was the first tragic experience in my life and it made me think about this life and what I am here in this world for. To give myself a "shock treatment" I went to perform the Haj at age 35. God AlMighty bestows his pity on me, his love his mercy and his guidance and many more on me. Alhamdulilah, (all praises be to Allah) and I promised myself to to do as what Allah has ordained on us all, as His servants.

So of that is why my blog sounds very serious, to use my nephews' and nieces' comments. In a way it is like sharing my thoughts with the world. But as I told my daughter, who helped me a lot in my computer skill, this blog is essentially for the grandchildren because as we all know I may not live long enough to see my grandchildren becoming adults. So this is like "my legacy" hopefully to be treasured by them, and also others along the way.

At some point, better sooner than later, ( and soonest is best and maybe mandatory) we all must look at life seriously and live life as has been stated in the alQuran and the Hadiths. There is no alternative truth, and there is no substitute. Every thing that we do in life God alMighty, Allah, has it engraved in the Muslim Holy book, the alQuran and the sayings and practices of the Prophet Muhammad (saw) in the Hadiths either directly or indirectly.

My blog is indeed an attempt, a humble one, to fulfill what Allah has ordained upon us. There are still many inadequacies, many shortcomings and many may have been written without sufficient clarity. Some may even not be so accurate and may confuse some visitors to my blog. Please leave a comment and I may be able to consult my Gurus for corrections and clarifications.

May Allah guide me through out the rest of my life and allow me the time and space to contribute fruitfully to the life of others. May Allah bless us all, Amin.

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