Sunday, July 2, 2017

Togetherness in Syawal....

A Picture of Togetherness, Ben Hassan larger family, though some
members are missing for some reasons or other.
(2nd of Syawall 1438H / 26 June 2017)

This is Ujai my Special grandson,.....together but looks alone,
perhaps lost in his own world.

He was with me for 2 days on his return from Sungai Batu,
 Selama, Kedah.
Others were away doing the Syawal rounds.
Ujai and I stayed together building our "castles", Ujai from
 LEGO pieces he bought with his "Hari Raya money"., and I build "Castles" from the memories of Ramadhan Kareem that has just passed by.

Ujai bought the LEGO by himself at a Department Store in Kulim.
When asked he said it costs rm100 something....
I took it to be almost rm200. He didn't  keep the receipt.
I smiled taking it easy.....

Ujai is an ADHD child (Attention Deficient Hyperactive Disorder) 
and now he is 11 years old.
He is in a special class in a normal school in Putrajaya, Precint 8.
Alhamdulillah, by the Grace of the almighty Creator,
Huzaifah is adjusting slowly but steadily. 
Allah is most Merciful most Loving and all His Creations has a greater purpose.
We have to understand him beyond our normal senses....

I watched him work from the various pieces which looked messy to me and I could not imagine myself finding the pieces as described by the accompanying drawing at the Toy Box from the Store. It looks complicated to me but seems manageable to him.

But a child's mind operates differently because his mind I believe
 is structured differently from a normal mind.
 He does things as he pleases....
I observed him closely. He worked diligently and
 from time to time he took a break watching his cartoon program 
on TV with the Hari Raya cookies in his mouth.

The bits and pieces of the LEGO

Seriously working and did not even notice I was taking some shots....

He looked at the drawing and I  stared at it for a while before he started picking which piece to fix first. He looked into his work seriously and did not even stopped to answer my queries 
pertaining to which piece to work on first.
"Buat saje...tak pe. " was his one line answer.

This is his second Masterpiece. The 1st one is below, all according to the drawing prescribed in the Toy box.

The model pieces in pictures from the Toy Makers.

Looks complicated to me but he seemed to be taking it easy.
He seemed focused......surprisingly focused as I looked
 at him from afar.
"I must finish it, Embah to show to Tok Ayah...".
He said as though he understood why am I sitting
there watching him.

Its ok....take your time. You must finish whatever things you do.
I said with a smile encouraging him never to give up on anything.
Whether he understood me does not matter. By and by he will 
learn the meaning of "what life is all about"..... 
May Allah help him day by day.

I watched him in various sitting positions as he worked
 his way through..
I felt excited as I watched him working for the first time
 on a LEGO project that big.
It is BIG for an ADHD child. May be he has done this with
 his parents but only this day I sat together with him from A to Z.
  We must learn to understand  him so we can 
help him to be normal. But being normal does not necessarily mean success comes automatically. I learn to see
 the greatness of Allah swt
through the thinking of an ADHD child.
 Really....no one is born in vain.

Finally he is finishing and the number of LEGO pieces 
is less and less.
Alhamdulillah ...  He is almost there.

Da...Daaaa. I'm done Embah. He called for me.
 I asked him to arrange his Masterpieces so we can show
 to his parents.
 He is basically a shy boy and refused to look straight 
into the camera.
May Allah bless him and by His Grace may he grow up the best way
 that  Allah has destined for him. 
Allah is all Knowing and all Compassionate.

Aameen ya Rabb...


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