Sunday, June 14, 2009

From Embah To Huzaifah ... A Home is where the Heart is

A HOME is where the heart is. A HOUSE is where you live in. In many developed countries, there are many "homeless" people and they live in shelters, on the street or just about anywhere they can find "comfort and peace", and maybe "security". In most cases a homeless person neither has a home nor a house. This is what most people would say. But if the definition of a home is where heart is, then many homeless people find their homes where their friends are, together with them on the streets, under the bridges or deserted houses. They may not have a roof over them but they can still call it a home.

If families live together in luxurious houses, or just any house for that matter, but almost never see each other or talk to each other, never eat or sleep together, then these are "Home"less people.

Home is where you care for each other, understand each other, and doing things together and worry for each other. In short Home is Love. Some people say a home is never a home without a mother. Embah would just add : or a substitute mother, one who loves and care just like a mother would do. A father can be both a father and a mother substitute. Therefore, a home can be without a 'female' person.

When Ujai grow up, talk to ibu about this and she can describe to you better than Embah can. She write beautiful things about 'relationships' and Ujai can be a wiser person. For the moment just remember that a home is not a physical concept. It is an intangible entity. Just like the 'heart', but not the physical heart. You can be walking down the road, walk in a crowd, be in the rain, roughing out the weather,live among strangers, you can still be at home if you have love and care.


Kitty Pryde said...

salam auntie. i've been a silent reader so far..

but i'd just like to tell you that this post of yours has really, really touched my heart.

i admire your daughter and am proud to be her friend, and i truly believe that she is who is today because of you and the way you brought her up.

could you maybe blog abt how you brought your children up? as in, how did you discipline them, how did you manage to talk them out of doing things or encourage them to do things?

my mother believed in not sparing the rod. i would like to try a different approach, without hitting my children. i would really appreciate it if you could share your experience here on your blog.

warmest regards,

ngasobahseliman said...

Salam. Let me guess. You must be Azra's friend.I'm glad you like what I wrote.I will take up your suggestion by and by.Mean time, thank you for taking time to read.

Kitty Pryde said...

yeah, i'm your daughter's friend. i'd like to think we are close friends, and that she can depend on me as I have depended on her.

thanks again auntie! will keep reading your blog. thank you!

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