Thursday, October 29, 2009


The breasts, constitute the ultimate physical beauty of a woman. But even without, a woman can be just as beautiful if not more. This is because Allah's creations is a beauty whichever way you look at, and whichever way you feel. MasyaAllah.

I am writing in pink in solidarity with women who has cancer, and I hope I am not too late to join in this Breast Cancer Awareness Month. From the time I know of Cancer, and of breast cancer in particular I have 'lost' three of my closest friends. I have lost Kak Ot (a friend in need), Mahani, my secretary, and Kamala, my office assistant. Right now I have several friends and former staff members who are bravely going through Cancer treatment. I know everyone of them dearly and I could only say : "hang on there. Allah is closest in time of need with prayers and du'a". How could I do any better.

I do not have cancer, alhamdulilah and hopefully never will. But if Allah wills it, I will learn to be just as grateful as can be, insyaAllah. But I have the others - high blood, diabetes, and heart related problems to name a few. I am told these are not terminal, unlike cancer. But I often say to friends of what I believe that Sickness is a blessing in disguise, in whatever form it takes. Sickness and death has little correlations, really, although statistically it may seem so.

I am not being simplistic, nor am I being naive. I am only being realistic. What we need to do is not to worry but to work realistically towards maintaining good health and leave the rest to Allah swt. It is not death that we should be worried about, but our preparation to 'live' after death that is of utmost importance.

Therefore let us work hard to live happily here and now, and also work hard in preparation to face the Moment of Truth, death.
May Allah bless all our dear friends who are now battling with cancer with strength and wisdom, and may Allah bless us all here and hereafter. Amin.

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