Friday, October 2, 2009

of Cancer, Diabetes, Chronic Diseases, etc, etc

Alhamdulilah, God alMighty Allah put breaks into our drive and zest for life. Some may have cancer, some may have stones in the bladder, some may have.... you name it. And I have a heart problem , diabetes, blood pressure, floaters in my eyes to name some. Alhamdulilah, all praises be to Allah who loves His servants. He wants us to sit back and think wisely and hold steadfast to the fact that He is our Creator and He is our Sustainer. He wants us to hold steadfast that He is One and Only and all of us are subject to His Reckonings on the day of Final Judgement.

All of us are in some ways a sick person. We may be physically fit, as fit as a fiddle. But we may not be so fit emotionally and mentally. We may even be sick spiritually. Those who are physically sick or less fit are privileged to be able to look for antidotes where ever and however possible. The problem arises when one is sick but do not yet recognize and know that he or she is sick. This is especially true if one's soul or one's spirit is "sick" and immobilized. This has a multiple effect on one's other physical condition, that is mentally or emotionally and it takes control of one's physical and mental well being.In a common language, one may fall into serious depression.

I shall not indulge into this field because I am no expert at. Suffice to say that God alMighty has absolute ownership of our soul and body. All that is said above is in the alQuran, partly in Chapter 32, As Sajda, verses 4-11 translated as follows by Abdullah Yusuf Ali :

4. It is Allah who has created the heavens and the earth,
and all between them, in six Days,

And is firmly established on the Throne (of authority)
Ye have none, besides Him, to protect or intercede (for you)
Will Ye not then Receive admonition ?

5. He rules (all affairs) from the heavens to the earth:
in the end will (all affairs)
go up to Him, on a Day,
The space whereof will be (as) a thousand years

Of your reckoning.

6. Such is he, the Knower of all things hidden and open,
the Exalted (in power),
the Merciful.

7. He Who has made everything that He has created most good :
He began the
creation of man with (not more than) clay,

8. And made his progeny from a quintessence of the nature
of a fluid despised :

9. But He fashioned him in due proportion,
and breathed into him something of His Spirit.

And He gave you (the faculties of ) hearing and sight
and feeling (and understanding) :

Little thanks do ye give !

10. And they say: " What ! when we lie, hidden and lost, in the earth,
Shall we indeed
be in a creation renewed ?"
Nay, they deny the Meeting with their Lord !

11. Say : "the angel of Death, put in charge of you,
will (duly) take your Souls :

Then shall ye be brought back to your Lord."

What is most important, in my humble opinion, is not just the suffering and the pain that one has to undergo and bear physically, but it is the spirit and soul that one has to nurture based on divine values to the point of total submission to God alMighty. Allah has "mysterious" ways to show His love and care. We must "go out there" and "discover" this phenomena so we can live this life blissfully whatever our condition is. Take no comfort just because one is young, or one is healthy and bouncing, for when the Final Curtain is drawn on us, there is no turning back and there is no postponement.

Let us not just take pity on others who are sick and suffering, but let us also " take pity" on ourselves for perhaps thinking that they who are sick are suffering in vain and those who are not sick are lucky and blessed. It could be that the very opposite is true. For Allah, God alMighty , His measurement of Love, Mercy and Fairness is totally very unlike the way human beings like us think and do.

May Allah bless us all, in poverty or in wealth, in sickness or in health.


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