Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Embah !....look at my bubble machine.

This is Akif, again. We were holidaying in Penang over the Eid celebration recently and I would like to share here some of the incredible moments I experienced with him.

As I have said before Akif is autistic. Without his father coming along, my husband and I was afraid to take him along for dinner for he may "venture out" as he pleased and we may not be able to track him down. To make up for possible disappointments and to make him happy we bought him and others the bubble machine. He was in another room when he was given the toy but suddenly he came running to my room and cried out: "Embah...look at my bubble machine..."
"Embah the battery is here and if you do this (showing me how) you get bubbles! Embah....look again ! I like this"...He was pulling my hand demanding attention.

For Akif  it is a great experience. And it was amazing to see him paying particular attention on how the machine works. It wasn't just the bubbles that fascinates him but it was the "technology".

I felt great, alhamdulilah, noticing his "intellectual" potential. HE is autistic and this made me feel utterly amazed because my other grandchildren just played with the toy without noticing how it works.

The next day my daughter took him and the rest to the beach but later landed at the swimming pool of a nearby hotel at Batu Feringghi. Several times he was trying to "dive" into the shallow pool. It could be dangerous but the watchful eyes of his father made him "behave". Water exploration is what a child need and more so for children like Akif for it helps to develop his brain. I took this picture to tell him stories later.

May Allah bless Akif and may he grow up as normal as can be.
Allah is All Loving, All Knowing and Most Wise.
In Him we seek refuge.

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