Thursday, June 11, 2015

Ammani "at the crossroad".....

Ammani is here with her big smile. Friends like her because she has a happy face. She is my grand daughter who lives with me and I helped the mother which pre- school to pick for Ammani. She is now 4 years old and her birthday was in May.

Birthday do is a must in most pre-schools and Ammani "demanded" from the mother a special Birthday Cake to share with friends.

She loves going to this pre-school and pick up a lot of new words. Her English improves a great deal adding daily expressions other than those she picked up from The Disney show of some sort on TV. She now sings nursery rhymes and I quite enjoy her new interests in school.

Her sports day was about a month ago and her mummy was there to help with  the teachers sports day chores. She too was enjoying herself watching little kids learning to compete.

Her school begins at 8 and ends at 12 just like most schools.
Her fine motor skills for writing and coloring is okay, reports her teacher. All is well but I find that the curriculum is inadequate in terms of learning and understanding about our Supreme Creator. So I am now  looking for a different pre-school next year where I hope to expose her to universal values and Islamic values that are well integrated. 

So Ammani is at the crossroad so to speak....

It is difficult to find "an all-in-one package" for early childhood education. Different parents have different thinking of how to raise a child at pre-school age. The so-called experts in education also differ in many ways. But whatever our preference is, a child must learn about the divine Creator and His creations. We must instill the love of Allah and a child should be introduced to the concept of the divine will may it be in simple forms.

This is Ammani and her mummy, Siti. Siti and I will have to work hard to look for a school before the year is out. The school must be close to our house, reasonably inexpensive in terms of school fees and has a well balanced curriculum.There should be an acceptable dress code as well.

Meanwhile let Ammani be where she is and Siti and I will help each other to fill in some of the gaps necessary for a child to enjoy her childhood life but at the same time not missing the necessary ingredients to learn to understand and love the divine Creator.

May Allah help us find the way and with divine Guidance may Ammani  grow up a loving and responsible child.


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