Saturday, June 6, 2015

The Match-maker ?

To day I am taking a rest on writing serious staff. Let the dust settle before I begin to write again on what is dear to my heart concerning our leadership. The noise is too deafening out there that I need to pause before weighing in on sensitive issues.

I am writing about The Match-maker...my dear hubby.

He is seen here with his niece and my sister's grand son. This is a wedding of the century as far as our family is concerned. I think this is going to be a beautiful story about Love After Marriage.

From here on, the story will be in pictures. It speaks louder than words. It is smiles all round within the two families, beaming with happiness.

The historical moments started on  the 30th of May, 2015.

May Allah bless the bride and groom and bless all in the family. 
May they live happily until we meet again in Jannatul Firdause
By the Grace of Allah most Gracious, most Meciful.


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