Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Fatima Sufiya...

The latest arrival - Fatima Sufiya, my ninth grandchild from Sara and Azrul. Alhamdulilah.

Born 2.77 kg, she is my fifth grand daughter. No fancy name this time - Just Fatima, easy to call and easy to remember. My daughter has just had a new maid and I decided to help out. I am now in Puchung Prima since Saturday and helped out in cooking the daily meal. No big deal but I am happy and celebrate my own ability to be on my feet and take time out today to write this little note.

My brother in-law (ayah Tam) smiled when my husband told him I am helping to bathe the baby daily. Actually I haven't done that this time around because the maid is quite capable and I just supervise her making sure she does not take short-cuts.

What can a 66 year 0ld do ?
Plenty, my dear....psyching myself up to do the daily chores as well. I reminded myself of the 64 year old American woman who swam from Cuba to Florida and a 74 year Japanese woman who climbed Mount Everest. I am sure I could do just as well if I tried harder. Who would believe me ?....

So in a minute I will take the baby out and sit under the  morning sun to help cure the mild jaundice, normal of a new born.

Next week insyaAllah  I will  be moving on to Tangkak to start on our detail program for next year. May Allah grace us with good tidings.


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