Sunday, January 3, 2010

HUZAIFAH ... time for kindergarten

Ujai is now four years and five months old. It is time for kindergarten, and it seems to me like it is the end of innocence. It seems like it is the beginning of the rat-race. Kids this age are sent to kindergartens for various reasons. I am a 'traditional' mother and have my own reservations about kids that age having to be rushed to a place presumably to get ahead and to acquire the winning edge.

Some mothers say so they can learn to play more systematically and acquire some "academic skills" along the way. But some care less what the kids do in these kindergartens because they are more concerned with keeping them "safe" as there is no one to care for them at home. Therefore kindergartens are like parents substitute. I haven't ask my daughter exactly why she is sending Huzaifah to a kindergarten at this age. The impression I get is because everyone else seem to be doing so.

Huzaifah is extra active. Just extra but not hyper. So going to kindergarten may slow him down a bit and hopefully he will learn to interact and socialize. I will not go further on this issue of early childhood education. There are as many opinions as there are experts in the field. My major concern is on the aspect of a child's inquisitive mind. How is it molded in kindergartens and later in schools. Why do kids generally find it difficult to ask questions as they grow older. I believe that when kids do not like to ask questions or are not able to ask questions, they may not be using their potentials to the fullest. They may become less critical of many things and therefore I am afraid they may not be able to contribute fully to family and society in their adult life.

I hope my observations and fears are unfounded. Whatever it is may Huzaifah enjoy his life as a child and may he grow up to be the learned 'ululalbab' as mentioned in the alQuran. Amin.

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