Wednesday, January 27, 2010


"Don't worry, its only a test," I whispered to my self as my hubby and I walked in to the IJN center for Executive Screening Test today the 26 of January. "When it is time to go, we have to let go." He said trying to calm me down as if he knew how I was feeling. But I didn't say a word one way or the other. I give credit to the way IJN operates this exercise. We started at 7.30 and we finished at about 1.00 in the afternoon.

I couldn't go further than the beginning of the third stage in the stress test. My husband completed the third stage but stopped as his legs were hurting. I am quite happy with the overall results, alhamdulilah, inspite of being told to come back in May for another follow up test for my heart. I am not in perfect health but I am still in high spirits to go on with life. In Islam there is no slowing down especially as we get nearer to our final destination. To Allah shall we return. And before that final call I plan to make myself busy in the name of Allah the Almighty.

Like two weeks ago I was in Acheh via Medan with my hubby and son to explore what Acheh could offer in terms of business opportunities. Other than lobsters in the deep seas, we looked into cattle farming as well. I left the hard business talk to my hubby and son and I was there to help spot any loopholes in the deals, if any.

The trip to the cattle farming land of a prospective partner was some distance away from Banda Acheh. We had no four-wheels drive vehicle and an ordinary car was no match for the rough terrain. But we turned problems into opportunities and we walked and enjoyed the beautiful country though we had to walk uphill for almost a kilometer. We talked and exchanged stories of our life. My two Acheh adopted sons were with with me and they updated me with their experiences trying out new things in their attempt to live a meaningful life after graduation. Acheh is "Serambi Mekah", Islamic in mission and vision but it is a long way from being perfect.But Allah has promised that if we abide by his rules and regulations, his Blessings will always be near.

So we walked slowly and took pictures of some wild flowers and learn to appreciate Allah's beautiful creations.There are verses in the al Quran that all his creations celebrate with 'zikrullah', that is submitting to Allah. See chapter 24, verse 41: "Seest thou not that it is Allah whose praises all beings in the heavens and on earth do celebrate, and the birds (of the air) with wings outspread?Each one knows its own (mode of ) prayer and praise. And Allah knows well all that they do.

Let us learn from nature how sublime its character is.The Quran draws analogies for us to recognize and empathize. If we do this we may be less stressful in our attempt to live life the best way we know how. But whatever we do, Solat (prayer) is of utmost importance.Do it right, in congregation at the mosque and immediately after the adzan (call for prayer).Prayer in congregation at the mosques is optional for the women folks.But prompt in prayer is a must as we would never know when the final curtain shall be drawn on us.

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