Monday, May 10, 2010

Oh....What A "Birthday" Lunch !

Alhamdulilah. We are both 63, a week apart, and my dear hubby claims that he is wiser.There is a saying: "a woman is as old as she looks and a man is as old as he thinks".So he thinks he is wiser. Who would argue with that.

My son Azrul took us to Lunch at Sri Thai in Petaling Jaya. Oh...What a lunch. I haven't had so much to eat for a long time that I had a problem of indigestion. My dear hubby said he could go for a second round. My son took the whole family along and here are some pictures we took together. My daughter and family could not be with us as she was in Seremban for the week end. My son Amirul is still solo and we said  that  the next "birthday" bash is on him. May Allah grant us the good wishes for many more years to come. Amin.

Birthday "celebrations" are important for my children and grand children. There are Islamic Fatwas on birthday celebration. Some Fatwa says it is Bid'ah. Therefore we just say its a special lunch. We do not have lunch together often, anyway.

Usually my husband and I mark our birthdays quietly, just like our parents did. Sometimes it passed with little notice.Not that we do not value life or that we are not  thankful for the great blessings Allah has given upon us, but it is just the way our generation look at events in our life. We show gratitude with extra prayers, not just for an extra year of life but for any thing that Allah almighty  has given us, "good' or "bad". If we understand fully about life in Islam, all that happened in life has its positive perspective. Allah is all loving and all merciful and if we care to learn about Islam and fully submit to Him, He will show the way. May Allah guide us all.



azrul said...

what a wonderful lunch! semoga Mak Ayah panjang umur, murah rezeki, diberi kesihatan & barakah dari Allah SWT dan ceria selalu.

Salam kasih sayang,
Anaknda Siti Sarah & family

siti sarah said...

smoga mak ayah happy & ceria selalu. dikurniakan kesihatan yg baik untuk terus menyumbang kepada ummah. :)

puanseri said...

happy bithday maklong. semoga diberi kesihatan yg baik dan sentiasa dalam lindungan Allah :)

azrul said...

Puan Sri ni isteri Tan Sri ke?

Tan Sri Syahril Abd. Rahim

azrul said...

By the way, Happy birthday Mak - 12-05-2010.

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