Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Embah ! Look....I can swim.

This is Huzaifah calling and waving to me  to watch how he swims. At the Far left is Akif. My daughter took them swimming at Ayah Tam's house because of the rain. The swimming instructor did not answer her call and that means no swimming lesson on a rainy day.

Huzaifah could not wait to show off his latest stunt in the pool. I took my camera and off he splashed into the pool. He is not there yet in terms of technique but he was excited because he could swim about 10 meters without breathing.  He is yet to learn the breathing technique. He hasn't fully understood everything that he has to master, but because I was around he just had to show off to me.

So there he was at the end of the pool under the watchful eyes of his mother.....just in case.  Great achievement ! So he thought it was. Never mind the element of perfection. I was happy to notice his self driven effort to achieve something. For a child who is attention deficient, and at school he is in a special class, I was more than happy and felt satisfied to see an improvement in his self confidence. Alhamdulilah. All praises be to Allah alone.

Akif, my other grandson who is autistic, is still at the "water exploration" level. All other things being equal, I think he would be able to swim by end of the year.

May Allah, most loving and most merciful, be pleased with our effort in bringing up special children to their fullest potential.

May He bestow his Blessings on all of us.


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