Friday, January 31, 2014

Grounded for Chinese New Year

My daughter-in-law's father is a Chinese Muslim. So my daughter is half Chinese. Every year they spend Chinese New Year together but not this time. She is grounded with a new-born baby son.

This is Ammani Farissa meeting up with baby brother at the Hospital. My son had a special permission from the security guard to bring her in and he need not 'smuggle' her in as he thought he had to do. But she could only stay for 10 minutes or so. A little kindness makes her day. Its 'Everyday Greatness' cherished along the way. Alhamdulilah.

Tomorrow insyaAllah her parents will visit the new baby at my house for a belated Chinese New Year a-do with Shariah compliance. But I am expected to be in Tangkak to meet up with a local NGO who wants to assist us with fund raising to enhence the development and progress of our SmarTop pre-school. I'm quite excited because some local people is taking an interest in our school and together we hope to make a difference.

Making a difference in anything is no easy task. We must be ready to sacrifice and persevere. My partner is working hard in Langkawi helping her sister who has an agency for Travel and Tours. This agency has also pledged to help us out. She is busy promoting her Langkawi Lite Cafe to local and foreign tourists and I hope and pray part of the proceeds will in some ways help us achieve our dreams.

It is a quiet Chinese New Year for my daughter in law. But with a baby son in hand she is looking forward to an exciting future.....with the Grace of God Allah almighty. May Allah be pleased......


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