Sunday, October 10, 2010


To day is the Tenth of October, 2010 (10-10-10), a perfect 10. As a friend wrote on her blog, this date is like a "holy" date, (tarikh keramat) as the Malays in Malaysia would say. Weddings and other important events are held on this date. There is nothing "keramat" about this date. Most people like this date just as they like 1-1-1 for 1st of January of 2001. No big deal, but it is beautiful because it is easy to remember. It comes only once in our life time.

To day my husband and  I would be traveling to Johore to visit my three dear sisters who are all 70 years and above. We are taking my new daughter-in-law to get to know the family and we are taking her twin sisters and a younger sister along. They have never been to Johor Bahru and I promised my son that this would be a good trip as they are in form 4, and one in a primary school and would enjoy this rugged journey to Desaru and getting to know the Felda settlers. We will also be taking them to Tanjung Piai, the sothern most tip of  mainland Asia. Along the way we will be stopping (insyaAllah) in Kukup, an entry point from Sumatra, Indonesia. Kukup is interesting to know as the Immigration Department says this is one of the entry point to Malaysia where security "has been taken for granted". Personally I would like to see it formyself.

The girls would probably miss 2 days of school. But I told them going places is also part of learning and part of education. They will probably find new knowledge which are difficult to find in books. We will use this time to the fullest. I told my husband this should be part of our NGO work in which we guide young people to explore new things on therir own, to be brave and to learn to be independant in action and in thinking.  All these we will, insyaAllah, do it within the Islamic paradigm and hopefully they ill be "the Real Perfect 10" in life with the blessings of Allah almighty.

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