Wednesday, October 6, 2010


What could be more satisfying than having the opportunity to entertain our guests from Sri Lanka who have been fantastic host when we were there in June 2010 in connection with our debut presentation of our talent in recycled-paper crafts for our disadvantaged girls in Sri Lanka. Alhamdulilah, glory be to Allah who made our dream came true, that is to be involved in global assistance of the poor and the unfortunate.
This is my guest, Siti Fariza, the wife of Hj Ismail Humaid, a successful man in the corporate world. The picture above is taken while dinning at the D'Arab Cafe in Shah Alam,  beautiful set up deserving of a couple in honeymoon. This is their second marriage. Siti Fariza's husband died 8 years ago of a dengue fever and it takes "Sir Galahad with a shining amour" to convince her that its alright  to remarry and leave behind the memory a of loving husband. Life can be eventful and only Allah will determine the final destiny.
In the meanwhile we let them enjoy Malaysia as we recorded some of the events below.

We took them to Pulau Langkawi, a world famous tourist attraction and went up the Cable Car project to have a breath-catching view of the whole Island. I have never been up the cable Car myself and the trip to the island was equally rewarding to me.
We took them to Penang as well  and visited a typical Malay family to get the feel of Malaysia, a multi racial and multi religious country. A tiring trip but very fulfilling, alhamdulilah.

And guess what else we did. We let Hj Ismail drive our car to let him get the thrill of  cruising through our well built highways at a speed as he pleases. This car can reach 170 km/ hr within seconds and you don't even feel it.. Shhhhh!!?? He doesn't have an international driving license. But all is well. He drove at night and enjoy the maneuvers through the fairly heavy traffic. MasyaAllah, he is quite a driver. He was all excited but we stopped at an R & R for a rest before we took over as we were already entering  into the city center.
We had "satay" (barbecued beef with special sauce) for dinner, a first time ever for Siti Fariza.
That was a night to remember.
They left for singapore the day after and returned to Sri Lanka on the 4th of October. We may meet up with them again on our next handicraft project for an orphanage run by his auntie sometime late this year or early next year. May Allah make this trip possible.

Remembering the beautiful beach in Colombo, Sri Lanka.

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