Wednesday, July 22, 2009

New look

New look for the blog with some additional features, and introducing my dear Huzaifah, Ujai for short. In this picture he was just a year and a half and this was taken when I was visiting him in Tokyo. I was then taking care of his  baby brother Akif dalam pantang. Ujai was born in 2005 and I was taking care of him soon after when my daughter had to go and take up her masters at Waseda University. He is our first grandchild and that is why he is getting all the attention.
My series of From Embah to Huzaifah are my personal notes for him and subsequent  (insyaAllah) grandchildren to read.

Ujai, inspirasi mawaddah

1 comment:

noraini said...

salam i like the new look. kena belajar macam mana nak insert relevant gambar. widad and nani taught me tapi tak pas juga. how do you link? nanti ajar ya. Tahniah, gambar tambah perkenalan, takruf orang arab kata.

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