Wednesday, July 15, 2009

"WALK YOUR TALK" says the Al Quran.

Chapter Sixty One (SURAH AS_SAFF) Verse 2 and 3.
In the name of God, the most Gracious, the most merciful.
(2) O YOU who have attained to faith ! Why do you say one thing and do another? *1
(3) Most loathsome is it in the sight of God that you say what you do not do!

Footnote by the translator, Muhammad Asad
*1 - "why do you say what you do not do?" In the first instance, this may be an allusion to such of the Prophet's Companions as had retreated in disorder in their battle stations at Uhud despite their previous assertions that they were ready to lay down their lives in the cause of God and his Apostle.
In a wider sense, the passage is addressed to all those who claim that they are willing to live up to anything that the Divine writ declares to be desirable, and then fall short of this determination.

Let us walk briefly through these verses .I said briefly because I am not a scholar in Islam. Neither am I conversant in the Arabic language to be able to say more than what has been said by renounced scholars.

I came upon these two verses when discussing with friends on how frustrating things can be when we are not able to follow many arguments made by common individuals or world leaders on matters that affect the safety of the world, which you and I cannot escape the subject matter. Half the problem of the world, if not most of it, that we now face lies in the fact that many people do not mean what they say, and they do not say what they mean if and when they are pushed to a corner. They used disguises and other techniques to convince listeners that what they are saying is the truth, nothing but the truth.

Therefore the only hope that we have in solving any problem, is in leaders and their followers who truly and sincerely and strictly adhere to the teachings of Islam.

May God Allah grant us the strength and wisdom to be able to see and differentiate what is right and what is wrong and to recognize hypocrisy. And may Allah make us true to our words and deeds.

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