Friday, July 10, 2009


"We can have more than 24 hours a day, " I said to my son who always complains that he doesn't have enough time to do all that he needed to do in a day. I said "why not?". Of course he came up with a list of things to do for a normal day and that he could not squeeze even half an hour a day for at least 3 or 4 days a week to exercise. He is 28 years old, single and available. But his body is becoming like he is 40 years old. I poked him by saying , "how could you attract a girl with that kind of look?". But that doesn't make him feel threatened enough to reschedule his time so he could find time to exercise.

"Time is God given," I said to him. "Of course! I can't argue with that. How could you create time by yourself. Every thing is God given," he tried to put me right in my argument. "Yes of course," I said. But God can 'stretch' your time if you cram your time with activities, many activities that you will be so busy that you will force yourself to manage your time efficiently. In other words if you really manage your time well you will be able to do all that you wanted to do fairly well and you will end the day feeling quite satisfied. First rule is that you must prioritize your activities, using whatever method that fit your life objectives. This means that if you have to read the newspaper in the morning, you don't have to read all the details. Maybe you only need to read the headlines, and skip the small prints. Better still, make sure you take up a course in speed reading and this will take you a step further in time saving. Then skip reading the cartoon strips etc, etc. This is only an example.

Then if you have to talk on the phone, plan you conversation (briefly in your mind) so that you will not digress too much. Be street smart in your work. Know when to say yes and how to say yes. The same thing with saying no. There are plenty of tips for dos and don'ts. You can find them in some websites or attend a course in time management.

Right now I would like to bring in another dimension about time and about 'time is God given'. During the time of the Prophet Muhammed   (saw) and his companions, and the time of his companion's companions, we are told that their accomplishments in life are magnificient and in abundance. How did they manage time. Just take for an example the works of his companion's companion like Imam Shafiee and the other Imams. And later the narrator of Hadiths like Bukhari and Muslim. Other than knowing the Al Quran at their finger tips the knew the hadiths just as well. And the number of Hadiths is by the thousands. If you think of it, how did they compile them. How did they write them. There were no motorized transport at that time and there were no computers and all the electronic convenients. How did they manage time. Their written kitabs / books is by the hundreds if not thousands, big and small. Right now we don't even read a quarter or half of what they wrote. All works then are hand written and they travelled hundreds of miles by camels. Yet their accomplishments are huge in numbers and in quality. This is what makes me conclude that TIME is "god Given". Logically thinking their time is like more than 24 hours a day. Did they have any short cuts? Did they "out source" their work like we all do now.

Let us ponder and think together. Are the "SHORT CUTS" in the process of compiling and writing is given by God ALLAH swt through LADUNNI, that is through sacred dreams and the like. If you can throw some light on my "ponder" it would be awesome. Time seems endless for them.

But there no 'short cuts' without putting any effort. The companions of Prophet Muhammad (saw)
are more than just being a clergy in the religious order. They truly lived as servants of God ALLAH just as it is inscribed in the al Quran. They are truly the Ululalbabs.

Let us end here in our thoughts. It is far from complete but I do not know how else to continue. Let us pray and make doa that God ALLAH (swt) will give us the wisdom and other attributes that will make our life serene and fruitful. We hope we will be able to accomplish all that we need to accomplish in life and and He will bestow upon us His Grace and Love that will allow us to achieve what He sets us to do here
for the benefit of the here after. Amin.

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iman said...

salam mak long- i'm ur silent reader and always need more then 24 hours a day. everytimes i told to my husband about that, he just said "prioritize ur activities". same as ur suggestion :)

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