Monday, October 12, 2015

Getting connected again @Pontian reunion.

Alhamdulilah.All praises be to Allah most Gracious most Merciful.
Never had I thought of meeting my dear class mates again after 51 years.
By the grace of Allah, we did it two weeks ago.

It was all in great fun talking about old times, especially on happenings 
when we were in the classroom.
 We had "fun" chiding  and mimicking our teachers who were present. They had their turn as well and we all had a great laugh.
 I think it is great to be career teachers
 because you have people who really love you all the time,
 especially long after the classroom experience. Sitting in the middle are three of our teachers present, Mr Peter driving all the way from Kuala Lumpur.

Mr Peter brought this magazine to start the ball rolling talking about old times. Imagine having kept this treasure the last 51 years. Then I thought of myself as less sentimental
because I am not a teacher, although education is my passion.
 Many browsed over the pages,
 noticed some  funny features and laughed out loud.

We had dinner together in the 3 days we met and 
had lunch served by friends.
And in this get together I single out a special personality 
who played centre stage all the way.

He is Zainal Mustaffa, who called himself the driver. He thought it was fun to take over the steering wheel. I thought the choice was perfect .
Zainal the "driver". Indeed he was the driving force behind the togetherness. He was our Master of Ceremony and he made all of us feel free and easy  and able to get connected to his jokes and satire, feeling at liberty to interpret it in our own ways.
Zainal is a great guy with the mike at his hand. He is versatile and  he can tell hilarious stories and can sing along. Great personality....
Zainal left us after Form 3 to join 
The Malay Boys College Kuala Kangsar.
But his ability to unite us make us feel like he was with us throughout secondary school.

He was in the Malaysian Government Customs Service and on his retirement he was a freelance Management Consultant for some years until he decided to enjoy his time more
 with his Grandchildren.
Syabas Zainal !...till we meet again.


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