Tuesday, May 26, 2009

from embah to huzaifah -- THE TRIP

Oh what a trip !.... It was a lot of fun but it was also the most tiring ever. How not to be.... Huzaifah made a lot of "cute" comments about happenings which we never expect a kid of that age would make. But he was also so active and exuberant that it was such a task to make him adjust to an " inside a car environment" if you know what I mean. I will share with you as we go along.

This was actually a "Baby Sitting" trip. I was to accompany my daughter Azra on her official trip to Dungun Trengganu. She needed help to take care of 2 boys and a baby boy. She knew the maid could not handle them, not on a trip anyway. As always Huzaifah and the kid brother, Akif was excited to be riding in a car. As we used to joke, " in Japan he was always either on a bicycle with ayah and ibu or on a train ride," that is why it is an excitement to be in a car. Azra could not afford a car while in Japan because she was saving for something more important for the Family. So it was an interesting experience as a civil servant who is used to " a luxary comfort at home". But it did a lot of good. She was as slim as she was before becoming a mother, although she is something else right now.

To Huzaifah and Akif this is like any car ride ever since they are back from Japan. But for me this is a trip with a difference. The last time we were together in a car we were bound to Johore in a bigger spacious car. It was Toyota Alphard loaned to us by our dear brother, Ayah Tam. There was more room for the boys to jump around from one seat to another, and for some reason they were better "behaved" then. Or at least I was not "the target" of their exuberance. The acrobatic acts were less and and we were in "relative comfort". Imagine Huzaifah prefering to stand on his head and his feet would touch TokAyah's head who was then driving. To him this is fun and exciting and he would be singing his favorite tune of "Thomas and his Friends".But to a person driving, this can be a big discomfort and distraction. So we had to drive slower and allowed him some room to "enjoy" himself. Otherwise he would pull TokAyah's hair and screaming away like as though this was a big achievement in"communication". Sitting just behind the drtiver seat I had to moderate this "fun Acts" but it was no easy task because he would start on a different "stunt act". He would say he wanted to sleep on my lap and I agreed happily thinking he would now calm down and maybe fall asleep. But that was not to be. What he meant by sleep with Embah was to lie his head on my lap and to my "anger" he would put his feet on my face. He laughed and giggled thinking that was a special an act of " loving communication" again. I said that was not nice, "dosa" to put your feet like that on people. But those words dont mean nothing to him. This went on intermittently but it was an "ordeal" for me.

Now that Huzaifah is with Ibu and I'm without him for a while I feel relaxed. I got up late this morning or rather I slept on after my solat subuh because I was really beat. Kids are kids. I suppose its right that we should think like they do and not ask them to think like we do, not all the time anyway. If only we had a video camera on the trip we could show it to them 10 years on, especially how they behave when stopping at shopping mall or at R &R. I bought for Huzaifaf a rm7 candy lolipop and rm5 for Akif at Amos. I think they enjoyed possessing those colorful candies than eating it. I had to give them because they did not budge from the place whatever reason I gave them. I just thought of the kids in Palestin and they could do with a lesser candy bars. But kids are kids. The best way is to not to take them to those places. Or is there a better alternative?

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