Thursday, May 28, 2009

From Embah to Huzaifah..."Ujai Tokoyo"

Every time I miss having him around I would think of his cute responses on our "conversations". I have his printed photo on the fridge door and I would ask "who is that?" Every time he would answer " itu Ujai. Ujai Tokoyo".We would laugh at him because what he meant was "Ujai di Tokyo". Cute isn't it? It was a picture of him when he was a year and a half playing in the snow. He remembers the snow but pronounces the word almost like "snow".

Huzaifah was born in Putra Jaya and I raised him until age six months before we decided it was time to send him to stay with his Ibu, the righful place. Although the apartment in Tokyo was small but it could not be better for Huzaifah. If it was bigger my daughter would have more problem minding him. He is such an active little toddler that for a person my age it can be very trying because I do not have all the energy to be running around making sure he "behaves". My husband whom Huzaifah called 'Tok Ayah" often says " ada cucu susah, tak ada cucu pun susah. Lebih baik ada daripada tak ada".In other words whatever he does, it is fun and fulfilling to have him around.

When his little brother Akif came along, Huzaifah was a year and seven months old. But he behaved like he knew that now he has a little baby brother. At times he would be 'rough' on him but often times he would softly kissed Akif on the face and he would smile and later continue with his mischevious acts. Huzaifah is born with a double thumb finger on his right hand. So we often say that there must be something special about him. It is in fact a doa that he will not grow up feeling different in a negative way. We often say " give me a six, instead of saying give me a five" and slap his hands. He would respond laughing all the same. Allah is the Greatest, and his blessings come in many different form and sizes. We have to learn to recognize it and be thankful for all the grace he bestows upon us.His greateness is infinite.

I stayed for two months in Tokyo caring for Akif when he was born in April 2007. Together with Huzaifah it was quite a task. Alhamdulilah Akif was easy to care unlike Huzaifah at the same age. That is why we say Huzaifah will grow up to be special.It is our doa because right now he will do things his way and do not like to be told without giving him reasons that he would understand.The difficult task is how to be creative and think like a three year old.

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