Thursday, August 27, 2009


Tonight at the Terawih prayer a friend asked if my daughter is still in Tokyo. No, she is back here in Kuala Lumpur for good and I think she is 'struggling' to care for 3 sons aged four, two and a half and 7 months old baby.

But I have my sister's grand son in Japan, somewhere. I wish he would read my blog and tell me where he is. He is doing Engineering all in Japanese. He's been there almost a year now and, knowing him, I think he's ok. Firdaus, are you okay? Tell me about Ramadhan in Japan.

Before he left for Japan, we had a long talk about mastering the Japanese language for Dakwah purposes. Other than engineering terms, he must also learn words that are essential to be used in explaining to the Japanese people about Islam. When my daughter was in Tokyo and my son in law was the Imam in Akasuka Masjid, I could not find books in Japanese for children about Islam. Those translated by the Saudi Embassy are to high for children So I am hoping Firdaus will one day be able to write simple story books for children on what Islam is all about. May Allah grant him the will power and the skill to keep this dream of writing alive. May Allah grant him the time and space to achieve this dream. Amin.

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