Saturday, August 22, 2009


On the first day of Ramadhan, I started to read a book entitled "History of Palestine" by Dr. Mohsen Mohammmed Saleh. I love Palestine and reading anything on this subject invoke a feeling of solidarity with the Palestinians. How can you ever forget the trials and tribulations of the people of Palestine, especially on this blessed month of Ramadhan. As a member of a voluntary organization " Pertubuhan Mawaddah Malaysia" we run a modest campaign to collect fund to help ease their difficulties, and this time we collect fund for 'Iftar Ramadhan', that is for the breaking of fast. Not much but it is the thought that counts.Alhamdulillah.

Reading the book, I remember Ummu Muhammad, the widow of the late Sheikh Rantissi who died a martyr a few years ago. Ummu Muhammad was here in Malaysia just after the 23 Days War in March this year building solidarity with the Malaysians on the Palestenian course. A brave looking, self confident woman. Soft in behaviour but strong in thought and deed. The almost one week I protocol her visit makes me feel very inadequate interms of resilience. Her unrelenting drive to fight through all odds to free Palestine makes me a different person in terms of my own personal mission for Palestine, and thus the Al Aqsa Mosque. Al Aqsa is the first Qibla (direction to which muslims pray) for the Muslims.

In this month of Ramadhan Kareem, I call upon the people of the world to understand the problems of the Palestinians and to help and support their fight for freedom. One does not have to be a Muslim to agree with me that the Palestinians have been unjustly treated by the Israelis, who are the illegal occupiers since 1948. But because the Israelis have the strong and undivided support of the West, especially the United States, they appear to be the RIGHT and the Palestinians to be the WRONG. People forget the history of the Palestinian state. They only remember the recent events and because the Israelis (zionists) control the media, electronic and otherwise, they stand to win the heart and mind of the people of the world. Or at least it appears so to me.

May God Allah protect the Right, and my du'a and prayers are with the Palestinians. Amin.

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