Sunday, August 23, 2009

Ramadhan "Cleaning"

During this blessed month of Ramadhan when most people would talk about cleansing the heart and the soul, I am only talking about cleaning my house "again" now that my maid has just left for home and for good. She is a good honest girl about 29 years old and I must say she is better than most whom I had before. But in terms of real cleaning, it is just ok by my standard which was handed down by my dear mother who once worked as a baby sitter when she was about 50 years old. She has now passed away and in Ramadhan I think a lot of her. She would start cooking for breaking fast like at 3 pm and she would get done before Asar prayer. She would then nap a little and later sembang with my sister who lives behind our "family" house.

At this golden age and after having someone else to clean the house, this chore is indeed taxing. But like I used to tell my daughter, if a job has to be done, it must be done and done well. But I will not bother much at this age. This is Ramadhan and I will not spend my time cleaning the house at the expense of doing what is expected of a Muslim during this period. The adzan call for Zohor prayer is now on and I am stopping here just as I promise myself, that is, to do my prayer at the earliest possible time.

And I hope by the Grace of Allah I would be granted his blessing for a perfect Ramadhan.

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