Friday, August 7, 2009


No, I am not using it as a swear word. It is actually about a friend who was hospitalized because she had her foot operated on. But my story is not about her foot. It is about the long queue she had to go through before the foot was operated on. Imagine living in pain for some months because the hospital had her appointment postponed to a later date , much later date.

I was with some friends visiting her at her house soon after she was discharged. She was in a happy mood now that it is finally done. She was still in pain but cheerful because the ordeal of waiting is now over. But I could sense some bitterness in her tone. She could never forgive the long wait. I asked whether it was because the hospital do not have enough doctors to attend to her case or is it because the hospital hasn't got enough operating theater to handle many cases at one go.

Of course there was no clear answer. One could only guess the reasons behind the delay. Each one of us in our 60's has our own experience where hospitals are concerned, especially government hospitals. On any visit, we had to wait some five or six hours before we get to be attended to. We Malaysians love Malaysia so we will not complain at the top of our head. We would only ask pertinent questions as to why we are not given a good service considering the fact that Malaysia is not an under developed country. We have rich natural resources and we are told almost every year at the Budget session that our GDP grow by more than 7%.

We, the faithful citizens, always believe that Malaysia is rich, though not the richest in the world. Well educated and well trained youths flood the labour market every year. If we have a shortage in medical doctors, why aren't we training them. Our oil revenue must be enough to cover what ever the cost.

I will rest my case here because I remember my Boss used to say when asked "difficult" questions: "ASK NO QUESTIONS, AND I WILL TELL YOU NO LIES".

Are Malaysians living in self denials?

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